Are footballers paid too much?

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Of course not. It is a market. They are a commodity. Supply and demand sets the price.

Are we fools to have such a high demand for footballers? This is the question you should be asking.

No. Their salaries don't come out of nowhere. Paying to attend their games and to buy their merchandise is how they get paid, so until people choose to spend less, on these things, this isn't really anything to discuss.

The only reason athletes and celebrities make so much money is because we, as a society as a whole, literally worship the ground they walk on. We pay to watch their games/concerts and devour gossip about them by the bucket. I'm all for saying that some of them are certainly overpaid and overrated, but unfortunately most people continue to support them, so the issue is mute.

In addition to what everyone above said, consider this: Why is Tiger Woods so special to the golfing world? Because he has a special skill that sets him apart from everyone else. His skill can't simply be duplicated or replaced. It's the same for Michael Jordan or any other famous athlete. People are willing to pay tons of money to see them and therefore sponsors are willing to pay tons of money to have them advertise their shit.

The only thing that would make a "footballer" overpaid is if the person paying them thought they weren't getting their money's worth out of them.

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