Should students who are under-achieving repeat the year?

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No. If someone's under-achieving, they either don't give enough of a shit to try or they're trying but simply not learning. In both cases the school system has failed. It doesn't make sense to spend more money to use the same, ineffective system to try and reteach a student who either doesn't care or cannot learn from that system.

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I'm not saying they're useless but that the method of learning that's being imposed on them is not working and a new method should be utilized. In the case of the lazy students, a form of education that interests them should be sought out. In the case of the students who try but fail, a new approach should be taken. There's no use in using the same ineffective methods.

People learn in different ways and this whole standardized testing system is very inefficient. We have people who are intelligent but struggle with these tests and we have people who are good at regurgitating information onto tests but are complete dumbasses otherwise.

It's like you can go through years of schooling to become a doctor but still be a narrow-minded dipshit.

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