Is our time on earth coming to a close?

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In what scenario do you see a nuclear war breaking out?


Humanity could destroy itself. But let's assume that it doesn't and go from there.

1 billion years from now, the sun will be 10% brighter. The extra energy will cause a moist green house effect at first, then the atmosphere will "dry out", as water vapors disperse into space.

3.5 billion years, the sun is 40% brighter. Ice caps are melted, oceans boil. That water vapor leaves the planet for space as well.

At this point, if there is any life on earth, it will be very different from today's humans.

5 billion years, the sun will run out of hydrogen, the nuclear reaction that is burning hydrogen into helium ends. The sun will get larger and cooler, the core getting denser and hotter, now a red giant, and it consume the planets closest to it.

Now that the sun is a red giant, it will begin a new form of fusion: burning helium to form carbon. In about 100 million that stage is over, the fuel is gone.

The helium shell becomes unstable, it will blow out a big hunk of the atmosphere through a string of violent pulses. Once the outer layer is gone, it will have a central core of carbon. It will be an earth sized diamond with the mass of a star, it is a white dwarf.

It is no longer hot enough to shine with thermal radiation, it no longer generating solar fusion, it will cool down until it is the same temperature as the rest of the universe. This will take about 1 trillion years.

I'm guessing we'll be gone before or between the next 1 billion-3.5 billion years. If, some how, life manages to survive, it will be a form of life that can stand temperatures like that, and I doubt humans will evolve quickly enough to be able to handle it.

The Andromeda Galaxy is also set to crash with The Milky Way Galaxy, in 4 billion years. They both contain super massive black holes in the center of the galaxy, and I believe they are going to do a kind of gravitational dose-e-doe around each other, ripping itself apart while also stitching itself together, forming a new galaxy. I'm not quite positive on that though, so don't quote me. Anyway, so who the fuck knows what's gonna be going on with the sun during that time when our entire galaxy is crashing into another one. Maybe it never makes it to red giant.

So yes, our time on earth is coming to a close. I do not think, however, that means humanity will end. We are already capable of sending people into space, and theoretically, we can colonize Mars (not that Mars would be any more hospitable then Earth by the time we're forced to leave Earth or die). 1,000 years ago we didn't have cars and now we can travel to the moon and send robots to other planets. A couple of million years into the future, I don't see why humans wouldn't move to another planet or be forever space travelers, cuz I'm almost positive they'll have the technology.

Don't know, don't care.

@StickCaveman Don't know, don't care.

Do you not care because it doesn't directly effect you, not care because you're apathetic about life in general, or what? Why specifically don't you care?

@Frank_n_Furter Do you not care because it doesn't directly effect you, not care because you're apathetic about life in general, or...

Mostly because I was frustrated that this mysterious anon kept trying to stir up some controversy with vague, philosophical posts despite the fact that most of them were repeats.

But I guess I am apathetic about life. What happens will happen and we need to stop trying to predict the future. Just do your best to live now. Everybody's gonna die of anxiety attacks if we don't stop worrying about things so much.

This is not even debatable. We will reach the limit to growth around 2072, at which point humanity will begin to die out.

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I was not aware that we had done so before. When was this?

No. Idiot.

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