Unfortunately, if you motivate externally rather than inspire internally, motivation becomes manipulation.

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No... All that means is that you motivate externally. The consequences from there are purely situational.

Instead of "I'm going to lose weight because I care about my health and want to be healthy, life will be of a better quality and longer if I stick to me diet and exercise plan" It's "My self esteem is suffering because I don't feel good about myself because other people don't find me attractive. If I stick to my diet and weight loss plan, people will find me attractive, then I can feel good.";

That doesn't mean the person who lost weight because they want other people to find them attractive will manipulate people with their new good looks.

If a lawyer's motivation is to win because he wants more money, not because he believes in getting justice, then yeah, that could well end up in manipulation, in fact, it probably will. It depends on situation. Even a lawyer who is in it for the internal reward of feeling good about fighting for justice could manipulate to get the justice that they deem suiting. So, I disagree.

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