If you were stuck in one room with 3 other people, for 10 hours, who would you want the other 3 people to be?

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I wouldn't take anyone I like. I would take a child molester, an animal abuser, and a rapist. Then I would murder all of them.

Women skilled in the oldest profession

Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, Jimmy Carter

I'd take three of my friends. We'd be fine for 10 hours.

My sister and my two close friends, I don't think we'd have any problem talking for ten hours :)

Three of the hottest women I could think of. I've got ten hours to work this shit

whomever tbh 10 hours is not an especially long time

A lawyer, a blonde and an aardvark.

my daughter, my best friend, my daughter's best friend

Socrates, Leonardo DaVinci and John F. Kennedy

my future self

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My sister after me, my dad (I'll need someone with common sense to help keep our minds and get us out of the room), and my mom (hopefully this room is a kitchen with some food so she could cook us something).

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