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Not to mention the completely over the top reaction and actions taken by the school. It is a crazy playground out there these days, and you younger people need to stand up and be heard.

I heard on the radio yesterday that Cole was wearing a Liberty University tee shirt. The Chancellor of Liberty contacted him, and has given him a full scholarship to attend there.

Just yesterday I was reading this article:

"Was it a science project gone wrong or a true bomb plot?" That's the comment that irks me. What is the world coming to?

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@BlindMist Just yesterday I was reading this...

The younger generation is being conditioned to think and believe that all Americans are potential threats and terrorists. The real terrorists, once caught, are being treated with "kid gloves" and excuses made for them. And the kids still in school can't say gun, wear a picture of a gun, or even do "pretend" guns. It is insanity and has to be stopped.

@BlindMist Just yesterday I was reading this...

I just read your link - and another unbelievable example. They are popping up more and more and parents should be screaming at the idiot officials making such lame decisions that are changing the lives of these youth forever. What ever happened to curiosity, inquisitiveness, creative thinking, etc.?

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