Although I'm an inconceivable dot in the grand scheme of the cosmos, I take solace in that fact that I'm able to comprehend that. Insignificance is only a state of mind, but it is crucial in life so that we remain humble.

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and being humble is not a bad thing in the sense of respect, modesty, etc.

it's also a good protection against arrogance

Is insignificance only a state of mind? That may be true when the scope of the situation is confined to Earth, but not when the entire Universe is involved. We can't leave our galaxy, and there are events occurring that would wipe us out every second. We'd probably already be dead if our big buddy Jupiter hadn't stepped in to take hits from asteroids and meteors for us.

@Mike_Hawk Is insignificance only a state of mind? That may be true when the scope of the situation is confined to Earth, but...

Yes, insignificance is all about perspective. You could say we are insignificant because the rest of the universe is large and we are so small.

Or you could choose to say we are significant because we, humans, are an incredibly complex creations and the rest of the universe is either empty space or rocks, or balls of gas. Stars are abundant, planets are less so, life even rarer. The universe can easily make stars, but life is not so easily spawned, it requires an obscene level of luck. So life is arguably worth more because its harder to make.

Furthermore, humans have sentience, a trait that allows us to be free from the constraints of monotonous cycles like the stars and the planets. Humans, can create things directly, unlike stars. If a star creates a planet it does so only because natural law has caused some celestial incident in which the star has inadvertently brought about the creation of a planet, however, stars don't actively do anything. Humans on the other hand can choose what to create, destroy or build. If a human doesn't want to be bound to the ground he can build a plane, there are no other objects that have such a power beyond other sentient life forms.

Like i said significance is all about perspective, but, that being said, saying we're insignificant because we are vulnerable or small is not a very good analysis of significance.

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