I ran across the bridge but yet i walked

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yet I is the dog
I know 'cause I know wary smilie

which I find strange

it's usually the dog that runs
and the human that trails behind

Post the anwser

@Luvmeplz1134 Post the anwser

The boy walked across London bridge,,,BUT, His DOG "YETT" walked across.

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@Answer to what?

Yeti is the dog i no cause i posted it....

@Frank_n_Furter To the riddle thingy.

It's not a question... it's just kinda there.

Am I supposed to say how it was done? Or who/what the person saying it is? Or what...?

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@Frank_n_Furter You're supposed to say what runs across a bridge yet it walked.

A battery powered robot that walks. So the robot is 'running' as in working (remember ye ol prank call "Is your fridge running? WELL YOU BETTER CATCH IT HAHAHAHAHAH hangs up), but it's walking. Is that right?

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