Bullied... or ignored. Which is worse?

71% Bullied 29% Ignored
alex55s avatar Life
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Ignored. Negative attention is better than no attention. Prisoners in solitary confinement will purposely get themselves in trouble so that someone will yell at them.

Ignored. Although bullying is negative, it still means someone cares enough about the person to give them attention.

It depends on which you were growing up. People who have been bullied would beg to be ignored, and people who have been ignored would beg to have someone even bully them.

Having been bullied, I can say it left me with a horrible self image and a deep-seated, murderous rage. I probably wouldn't hate myself as much or want to kill someone if I was ignored instead.

I always get ignored, so I have very little experience in being bullied.

Ryuus avatar Ryuu Ignored 0Reply

Personally, I would rather be bullied. I could handle that better, I think.

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