Is religion really a necessity??

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Religion is used to fill an empty void. It becomes people's purpose in life. At least for me, anyway.

Yes , for people who aren't fine with "we don't know yet" , " we might never know" ',or "this just might be it " to the ultimate questions of life and everything.

Oh yeah and so homosexuals won't take over the world and halt the continuation of the human species.

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In terms of human nature, yes. In literal terms, no.

Not even close.

Wow, that was a really good question. I think that people need something in their life. It doesn't have to be religion, it can be like a sport, drawing, texting or something. When that's said, I know that I don't NEED religion, but I like having a faith. Not only do I like it, I also believe in it. People believe in different things, whether it has to do with religion or not, doesn't really matter.

No, but it does help some people cope with concepts that are too elaborate for their minds to handle. Not all religious people are unable to cope with a heavy existential crisis, but some do. It would be an easier world for me without religion, but I will not even dare to stop people from believing whatever they want.

No. Religion has been used a weapon more than a way to help people for too long and its original purpose, if it was to help or comfort people in any way, has taken a back seat to its use as a weapon of hate against other religions and people who just believe differently in general or certain groups of people.

I'm doing fine without it. So are the majority of the world's scientists.

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