You don't trust Republicans with the economy

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I don't trust politicians.

@BlindMist I don't trust politicians.

I don't trust two-party system either.

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I didn't mean to sound like all politicians were bad. I was mainly thinking about the current politicians in the White House and Congress. I know that there's some good honest politicians out there, but the majority are liars and murderers, and a lot of the good ones are overlooked and unnoticed.

America is trillions in debt and I can't just blame one group of politicians for the poor economy when the problem lies with both republicans and democrats. Even if the economy started sinking with Bush, Obama is increasing the debt instead of decreasing it, and even though I support him, I don't support all of his actions. America is just a sinking ship (metaphor referring to the Titanic.)

I don't trust ANYONE in D.C. with the economy. If you think for a second the Dems are doing a great job, you need to wake up and inform yourself. Are you paying attention to what is unfolding with the IRS nonsense?

But I also don't trust Democrats with the economy.


I think generalizing any group when it comes to politics is a mistake.

There are some Republicans I would not trust with the economy, and there are others I would.

Politics is never as black and white as people would like to think.

I trust them more than the Democrats right now.

Yea, that Reagan guy was terrible.

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