Women remember criticism like an elephant but compliments like a goldfish.

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1st of all, this is sexist. There is no need for this to be gender specific. Most people tend to remember criticisms more than good things because people are MEANT to remember the bad. No one talks about the guy who let them merge with traffic. They all talk about the ass hole that cut them off. We are meant to do this. It was a tool for survival to remember the bad- our ancestors needed to do this so that they could more easily remember NOT to go wonder into the tribe a couple fields over and start a war. Of course they needed to remember where food was plentiful, but a lot of that has to do with they remember how much it sucked to be without food.

2nd of all, it all depends on the person, not the gender of the person. I've been told a lot of times my confidence is rock solid by people who are easily shaken by the things other people say are bad about them, and I'm a woman. The negative things people say about me rarely get to me. I remember the things I get told most often, but I couldn't tell you most of the insults that have been hurled at me. Some people have thicker skin than others Some people dwell on it longer than others.

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I like your nostrils. Where did you get them?

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For some reason I pictured a list of the compliments you've written down and how my compliment would look amongst them and it made me laugh.


1. Articulate
2. Good sense of humour
3. Nice nostrils

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