Is The Millennial Generation All About Me-Me-Me And Is That A Bad Thing ?

The Millennial or Y generation is loosely defined as those born between 1970 and 2000.

Many articles have suggested that this generation is much more apathetic, disinterested, tuned-out and selfish.

It so happens my son is a Millennial and now at 21 is becoming an adult and my experience of this generation is what many like my son have is a lack of trust in the system, a lack of trust in authority, and they question religion and anything that has been promoted as a way to live by the previous generations.

They have good cause for these reactions as previous generations (like mine) have proven through our many failures that we really do not have the answers and are just doing the best we can (or worst) based on our individual motivations.

So should we be concerned that our next generation to take the reigns of government and the economy should question and doubt and want things different from what they have watched previous generations screw up ?

One thing that does concern me is that the majority of this generation does seem apathetic and feels powerless to make changes.

BUT I am also encouraged that it is this generation that is leading the way in undoing some of that harm we have caused with laws to restrict peoples freedoms and are the driving force to changing how we treat the planet.

So how do you as a Millennial or older generation see the Millennial generation and how do you think they will be different (better or worse) from previous generations ?

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