Does the widespread access to technology diminish the activeness in youths of today?

Technology now is depicted as something that helps new ideas come about and it just makes life a lot simpler.
But with all the outbreak of so much technology nowadays and so many children having access to it can't we say that it creates a new laziness found in people, before when you had to find things out for yourself it helped develop the passion you have for whatever you needed, but now children just sit at home all day playing games or copying and pasting their homework not really stepping into the world, or if they do, they are doing it from someone else's viewpoint on the internet. As I said playing games, before people had to go out, play games and even create them with mates, but not people sit at home infront of a console playing games for ours before bed, and even in school, there are now mobilephones which can do almost what a computer can, so instead of having fun or having a nice discussion at breaks, you find people on their phones on the internet and playing games.

So I ask you, does the widespread use of technology, diminish the activeness/creativity in youths of today?

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