What is the purpose of war?

What do we, as humans, hope to accomplish through wars? Throughout history we've used war as a tool to settle disputes, but the victor of these disputes was only crowned after all of the opposition had been killed. It seems as though war isn't necessarily a tool of change, rather a weapon for destruction that breeds hatred, violence, and lies.
With that said, there's still wars being fought all around the World with massive casualties by the hour. But why are we still fighting? Is it really a useful agent for change or is it genocide?

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Ugh, did you even pay attention in school? The purpose behind war is a hashed and rehashed topic.

Warfare became significant when humans made the switch from hunter-gatherer societies to sedentary agricultural societies in which there is a more hierarchical class distribution. The class distribution comes from land ownership, and that kind of personal ownership rather than the more communal hunter-gatherer setup therefore causes more disputes, thus leading to warfare.

Warfare has a multitude of purposes--to gain land, to uphold honor... essentially to preserve what one deems is rightfully theirs. And that kind of selfishness all comes from permanent settlements.

Infiltrating countries for their natural resources and human-valued commodities and using terrorism as an excuse.

To make people feel better about themselves

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