Does society need guns for peace? How can humanity transcend violence?

Does society need guns? Can we feasibly rid society of violence? Are guns and other forms of weapons necessary for an orderly society? Given recent outbreaks of violent large scale massacres and terrorists attacks how should governing authorities approach gun and weapon control?

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Humanity cannot transcend violence. By and large, we're violent creatures.

@AtheisticMystic Humanity cannot transcend violence. By and large, we're violent creatures.

All creatures have the capacity for violence. As the most intelligent we are responsible for our own thought out methods of solving problems as a group, and taking the examples of the many creatures who don't kill one another or don't kill at all in order to thrive. Plenty of people have found ways to live without violence, unless they have to fight to protect themselves.

@TaNtricLuNarMoNkey3 All creatures have the capacity for violence. As the most intelligent we are responsible for our own thought out...

I didn't say a human cannot transcend violence, I said humanity cannot transcend violence. Some people choose not to be violent, but it will be a cold day in hell before all of humanity takes that stance.

Yes, humanity needs guns. They are equalizers. Humans are still animals, and the threat of bodily harm is the only thing keeping some people from being terrible. Without guns, the physically strongest person is in charge. Guys like Andre the giant or Butterbean could stroll into any town they want, stomp all over whoever they want, and nobody would be able to stop them. Guns eliminate that power inequality. Even the biggest, baddest son of a bitch in the world would be dropped immediately by a well-placed shot; even by a .22 LR. The genetic roulette is taken out of the picture, and suddenly that power is available to everyone. If everyone is dangerous, nobody is. It does make people who still decide to go on rampages more deadly, but I'd wager it reduces the amount of rampages and generally calms people down.

Some may argue that America is the leader of rampages while also having the most guns. You have to look at where the rampages take place. Virtually every mass shooting takes place in a gun-free zone. School shootings went through the roof after the gun free school zone act of 1995 was introduced. Number of people killed in school shootings 1927-1995 (68 years): 74. Number of people killed in school shootings 1996-2012 (16 years): 198. The reason I chose 1927 as a reference point is because that was the earliest school attack I could find, but it was a bombing, not a shooting.

Another bit of evidence is Kennesaw, Georgia. The town enacted a law requiring every capable household to own and maintain at least one firearm. Not a single murder in 25 years, starting the year after they put that law in place. Compare to a place like Chicago where the gun laws are very strict; Chicago is notorious for reaching 100 murders every year before four months into the year.

We are not enlightened enough to be a non-violent people. The threat of violence is our greatest asset in maintaining peace.

Step one: Eliminate greed Step two: Reconcile the ego Step three: Make everyone who has accomplished steps 1 and 2 too dangerous to mess with.

I truly do not think we can...I know that sounds sad, but if history has shown us anything, it is that mankind will always make war. It's just now, our weapons can actually blow up the planet rather than just take off a head or two.

I think we all just need more space and resources. Unfortunately both are monopolized
by rich tyrants and state land officials.

There hasn't been anyone to mars yet, but its already owned. Ussurped from the universe, no charge or registration.

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