I want to understand Islam. But all I know of Islam is Al Qada and terror. I know there is much more, but terrorism casts a long shadow.

I read on the internet that the adherents of Islam tend to consider themselves Muslims first. They are citizens of Islam. That is, their citizenship. That is their patriotism. That is their identity and destiny as individuals. Everything is Islam. There is a richness of spirit there. There is life in Islam that could save us all from ourselves. It transcends borders. It unites the faithful as one.

All of Islam are bound up in the richness of their faith. All is bound up in their faith alone. Here in the West, we separate that. In the US the Constitution enshrines that divide into law. We each carry our faith. We each carry our citizenship. We honor/obey the secular laws. Three separate things. In Islam: One thing. And that One Thing, nurtures the human spirit in a unique way

If Islam would cure itself of Al Qada. If Islam could cure itself in the same way that Christianity finally rejected bigotry & racism and the KKK. If Islam could recreate itself in a way that denies a terrorist even the opportunity to exist

If Islam would both reject and ridicule the idea that a terrorist can suicide-bomb himself into Heaven. But rather guarantee derision and Hell to anyone who would choose to make the murder of innocents the political statement that accompanies their suicide. I could be a Muslim. We could all be Muslim.

But for as long as the misguided make pathetic political statements of that sort, there is no way. While our boldest and best must be called to both resist and protect us from that, what teachings and blessings Islam may offer will seem irrelevant. Our boldest and best; Police Officers & Military; our young men and women risk their lives every day. And they do it to protect our homes, our families & our future. The threat we STILL must deal with is the same as on 9/11/2001: Islamic Terrorism.

But to fix this problem the ideas that feed the terror must be rejected. And there, it would seem, is the rub. Can it happen? Will it happen?

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that shadow is cast when you turn a blind eye to all the other information out there
and concentrate specifically on the what the media propagates

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did you even look at the chart?

and because of profiling
some guy almost escaped the bombing of a bank because they were eyeballing the innocent middle eastern dude

some other guy escaped a petty store theft because they were eyeballing the innocent black guy

I don't know about you
but if I was a black guy walking into a store
and if I was innocent
getting eyeballed while some else steals
that wouldn't make me too happy

it's profiling like that that's causing so many problems in the first place

it gives people a feeling of being unwelcome
which also leads to a lack of unity
and it obviously promotes racism within many
giving people the mentality that a certain race is the reason for certain problems

"go back to your country"
who really wants to hear that crap?
definitely not a hardworking person who did nothing to deserve the hate spewed at him/her

sounds ridiculous

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I never said it was unique to a certain group

that is why I talked about profiling period

if it casts a shadow for some
that's their own problem if they're not willing to look into it instead of making instant and snap judgements about whole groups of people

if you want to understand a concept
go try to understand it instead of spreading vicious things about people

if it can tarnish the view for someone for a whole group
then that's just ignorance

I never said Muslims don't do anything wrong either
and I never said no Muslim is faultless
so I don't know where you get that from

I merely said the media propagates information while ignoring all the other information to serve whatever agenda they have

such actions are causing big problems

for example
A Muslim mother was killed in her home because of a hate crime

what the media is doing is promoting hate crime
and that is what I am opposing against

they keep hush hush about some crimes if it doesn't fit the mold they're trying to show

but if the crime fits their agenda
blow it out of proportion

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I know we're all ignorant
but to say
"I don't understand x much, but I'm still gonna trash talk about x"
that is ridiculous

and it's not just about the money
think war propaganda

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I wasn't implying that you were implying that

I said that in response to you saying
"we're all ignorant"

can't always use that as an excuse
it works
but not always
it doesn't work when someone says
"I don't understand x, but I will still speak ill of x as if I do understand it"

I know that certain things sell more

but it's at the expense of the well being of many

for example
sex sells

but I still think there's more to it than just money
the war propaganda tactics are not new tactics

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I'm assuming you live in England

if that is so
then, aren't the US and England allies?

that would go back to war propaganda

I consider it terrorism when the US bombed Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.
or attacking with drones and whatnot
killing countless innocent people

does that show up as terrorism where you are?

if it doesn't
it's more war propaganda

the media will define terrorism in a way that best fits its agenda

just read the comment right after the one I linked

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Islamic terrorism is not the only form of terrorism out there. Why are people so focused on that kind?

The US bombs the middle east and kills civilians the same as Islamic extremists do to us, only we do it in the name of country not religion. The US terrorizes citizens of the middle east all the time. But no one cares because it's not US citizens dying.

How can we even claim to fight terrorism when we create it just as well?

If you want to understand Islam, learn about Islam. Islam is one of those religions with a holy book that can be read by anyone capable of reading (given that the Quran is largely printed in Arabic, you can find translations; Islam is pretty widespread). If you can't read, communicate with Muslims--not ONE Muslim, but MANY Muslims to ensure that the common ideas are the ones that transfer to the concept of Islam. If you can't comprehend anything, I guess I should commend you on retaining that much information, though it is outdated and widely unsupported by fundamental Muslims.

If you worry
Over the dark
Of a shadow,
Bring a source
Of light. That
Should do you
Service enough to
See that which
Is concealed by

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