Is Campus Based Education Dead and Will Online Education Replace it ?

I attended a state University and 7 years and two degrees later I can now look back and say honestly that most of those years were a complete waste of time and money and could have been achieved much faster using video lectures and online testing.

There were some courses that would be more difficult to teach online and my minor was physical and health education that required actual practice and instruction that would be hard to do in an online course but I think 90% of what I learned sitting in a lab or auditorium listening to a lecture could have been done online and even improved as more media and even hands on demonstrations from outside sources could be incorporated.

Some Universities like MIT are experimenting with it and I have taken a few online courses but the structure is still not there to make it both educational and an experience that people enjoy/want.

In my opinion we need the ability for professors to put a slide under an electronic microscope and have it show up on our computers immediately so we can see what they are seeing.

More tactile and visual learners like me instead of auditory learners will benefit from this online experience.

I would also like to see a way for a student to type in a question and the professor or assistant be able to respond back immediately as the lecture progresses and that could be in the form of a FAQ program that works simultaneously with the lecture.

I do believe online education will make most campus based education obsolete except for some very specific courses that require the professor to observe the student perform an action and give personal feedback.

What are your thoughts ?

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Definitely not. For the most part, no matter how much technology improves, it can't beat physical interaction with professors. I'm not sure why, but even when I watch video lectures of my professors, I don't learn as well as I do when I am actually in class watching them. I don't think that physical interaction will ever be completely replaced with online interaction in any field.

No. Absolutely not.

In my opinion, nothing replaces physical interaction with a professor. Nothing can substitute asking a knowledgeable person questions to clear up confusion/deepen your understanding.

Even if we could substitute teaching, you can't substitute peer interaction. Every possible job requires the ability to effectively work with/serve/otherwise deal with coworkers/the public. An online course can't teach you social skills.

(My two cents)

I do not believe that campus education will ever be fully "replaced" I hope it's not going that direction though...

Campus-based education gives you a richness of experience against which online education pales by comparison.

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