If Organic Food Is Too Expensive- Why Are You Not Growing Your Own ?

I have heard this same complaint from many people that the reason they do not purchase organic or local or fresh foods is because they are more expensive than the stuff they can get at the local supermarket.

So my question is if that is the case why are you not growing your own ?

Vegetable seed are super inexpensive and you can get them almost anywhere and most vegetables can be grown in pots or raised beds so a large garden is not necessary and rain water can be harvested and gray water recycled if water is an issue.

So why are more people not doing it ?

Why would any person choose to buy a tasteless tomato trucked in from thousands of miles away when when for the cost of a seed and a little effort to make it grow they can have an entire bush of fresh, juicy pesticide free tomatoes and store what they can not eat for later in the freezer, dried or canned ?

Now to the bigger picture: If you care about the environment growing your own food greatly reduces the pollution from having your food trucked in, reduces the pollution of air from farm dust, reduces water pollution from pesticides and fertilizers, reduces the toxins you are consuming, gardening is great exercise and people that garden generally have a better self esteem and happiness.

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Not all foods are able to grow in certain climates. Also, it's pretty inconvenient to grow a whole tomato plant if you only need tomatoes for one dish. Additionally,
not everyone has enough land to grow their own food.

All food is organic food.

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While I agree that a lot more people should be growing their own food it's not reasonable to assume anyone can grow their own.

The biggest points have already been stated. Not all foods can be grown all the time or in any climate. A larger problem though, myself included, is the fact that living in apartments makes it nearly impossible. I don't own my front lawn, and I dont have a backyard. Living in a city could also pose this same problem.

i love how tomatoes come up at the mention of vegetables. I thought they were fruits...

Because S510 made it illegal to grow my own food and besides that, seeing as how I've never been much to follow stupid laws, I live in Arizona, where the climate isn't suited to grow most things, and I live in an apartment, where I wouldn't have the space to grow my own food anyway.

you obviously can't grow enough to eat all year round

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