How did you come across amirite?

I ask because I was thinking about how I found it. I searched on Google, "Why did Disney change 411 to 365?" One of the results was an amirite post saying, "Disney 411 sounds better than 365, amirite?" Then, I exited it. Then, I thought, "Well, maybe an opinion site would be interesting," and I came back and signed up. That's my story, what's yours?

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someone on formspring mentioned it in her question
her username on here is Kalopsia

so I went on to amirite
saw boxtop's POTD on September 16
which is also my friend's birthday

his POTD was about "crashing" in the middle of the intersection
I think crashing meant sleeping in this context
it was a pun or something

so I then made an account
and posted
"Houses should cost less, amirite?"

and then,
the second post I made got homepaged
so I thought
even newbies can get happening on here"

so that's my story

I used to be an avid reader on MLIA. (for those of you who don't know, it was a site where you basically posted about the slightly memorable shit you witnessed throughout the day.)
Over time the site got flooded with outrageous stories, Harry Potter fanatics, and people with dinosaur fetishes. I left that site for about a year, and was reminded of it when my friend complained that his life was "too average". When I came back, wondering if it changed at all, I saw a link to amirite among the other boring sites I had already visited. I don't know why it was there, but I clicked on it and the rest is history.

MLIA. I would see posts about it all the time, and then that was it. That was like 2 years ago.

I was in my MLIA religous stage (ugh, those awkward, horrible preteen thoughts of what "cool" was) and someone was complaining about how someone on here stated that the layout on this site was better than MLIA and that we need to prove him wrong. I decided to see this website, and I thought that the design was better than MLIA (the man is so great too!) I stayed, because I liked what this site had to offer, the different ways of thinking, the jokes. I'm really happy I found this website!

The same way I find most things on the internet. I look for something. Get sidetracked. Look for something else. Get sidetracked again... and so on. Eventually I stumble upon something interesting, or realize I should have gone to bed hours ago.

My old girlfriend use to come on here and act like a nutjob. She was on here a lot and she was always really excited about it. I wanted to share the experience with her. In the end I actually kind of ruined it for her as I became more popular than her pretty much right away.

My friend found a post by accident and we both wondered what the site was, we thought it was cool and I came up with a post. We both raced to log in and post it, and I won. That post has now been deleted and I can't quite remember what it was. I didn't really care about the site back then so my name was HaHaSkr3wIt (as in haha, screw it) and my friend is Rider32 (formerly rurong as in are you wrong?). He wasn't as into it, me checking the site daily and him every other month, but he is 100% a better poster than me.

I think I searched an opinion and favorite came up. I forget what it was but it was very serious and i really gave a hoot what people were thinking.

I don't rightly remember. frown smilie

I think it was the same way you did; I came across an amirite post in a Google search and got interested in the site.

I'm pretty sure StumbleUpon brought me here when it was first starting up. I didn't make an account, but I liked reading the posts. I forgot about it for a while and then came back and made an account. I didn't use that account too often though. So then I changed my username (I'm not too find if this one, either) and started becoming a little more active.

I was browsing MLIA and people were posting how Amirite was better. They also said MLIA was becoming dead and homepaged posts were harder to achieve than Amirite, so a few days in June of 2010 i decided to browse the site, then i made my account. I used to be angelemi1419 because that was the same username for my MLIA and FML accounts, i do like the one i have now better though... I used to be pretty inactive until 2011 and 2012. :D ive never had a post of the day though out of the 3 years ive been on this site but oh well, D: someday...

I started on MLIA, and somehow I ended up here. Glad I did.

The amirite link was in someone's bio on OMGPOP so I clicked on it in curiosity and really loved the site.

I'm pretty sure someone mentioned it on MLIA.

I don't remember, and I just started 30 minutes ago..

I pretty much did that, only I searched up " Why is Rihanna so odd?" XD

I heard about it on MLIA and then abandoned ship and floated to this place.

Googling who else thought tempur pedic's butt crack logo was weird haha

I read a lot of posts on MLIA. When the posts stopped coming through as fast as they used to I started looking for more sites like it. I eventually found amirite,and I've been on it ever since then.

I googled "bruno mars sucks" and came across this:

I agreed.

Uhh...back yonder in the year 2011, give or take, and I was roaming FailBook.
One of the posts had a hyperlink to here, so I clicked it.
And got hooked.

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