When a daredevil dies during a stunt, why do people feel the need to say that they 'died doing what they loved'? I love to go bowling but it doesn't mean that I'd like to die in a freak bowling accident. It would be better to die doing something you hate, like doing your taxes, amirite?

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Your bowling example is not a daredevil stunt. Daredevils, by their very nature, have a passion and compulsion that draws them to their craft. They want to be the best and exceed any person before them. If they did not love what they were doing whole heartedly, they would not be doing it. So, they would rather die doing what they love than what they hate. This guy just died recently trying to set a new record hanging by his hair, The stunt went sour as his hair got tangled in the rappelling wheel. It is kind of a hard video to watch, but he died doing what he loved.
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If you love doing something, then doing that makes you happy.
Some people want to die happy.

Therefore, it is comforting to die while doing what you love.

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