Physical fitness tests in gym class were unfair. Just because I can't do 20 push-ups, or run the length of the gym 40 times does not mean I'm not healthy.

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True, but what in this world is fair? Some people are good at push-ups... others at reading... others are physically attractive. None of it's fair.

You could totally be healthy... just not fit.

@Skr3wBall You could totally be healthy... just not fit.

Exactly. Not passing a physical fitness test does in fact mean you are not physically fit. That's all it means, though.

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Well it's a fitness test, not a health test. If the teacher told you that you're not healthy because you're not fit, they could be wrong.

They're not testing how healthy you are, they testing how fit you are. Hens them being called "physical fitness tests." You had a whole semester to get in good enough enough shape to do 20 push ups. You can't? Then you're not fit enough to pass, suck it up, try harder next time. Not fair? Tough tits. Every body sucks at things other people are good at. Shit like this pisses me off. "Just cuz I didn't pass the science test doesn't mean I'm not smart!" Ok, well the science test wasn't testing how smart you are, it was testing how much you knew about science. And it's not fair because you didn't pass? Because you did pass but had to work harder than the kid who had a stronger inclination at being good at science than you?

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