Profiling promotes racism in that it gives people the mentality that a certain race is most likely going to commit certain crimes. Amirite?

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True.. when I used to catch shoplifters we would profile but not towards a certain race but rather clothing and accessories that made it easy for people to shoplift. Did it mean everyone wearing baggy pants or had a purse the size of a small duffle bag was a shoplifter? Of course not, but it did help catch people.

Oh and people wearing hats worn low with sunglasses were almost a dead giveaway 80% of the time.

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Racial profiling is the only profiling that does that.

@Skr3wBall Racial profiling is the only profiling that does that.

isn't most profiling based on race anyways?

the image says racial profiling
I just thought the racial was implied when I talked about the races

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I've looked around and racial profiling isn't doing its job
it's just creating hostility and a feeling of being unwelcome

it's even creating more issues
the ones I listed above
and it allows people who don't fit the profile to get away with it more easily

treat someone like a criminal
and you just might inspire a criminal

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"Of course the oft quoted 'There are lies, damned lies and statistics.' (Mark Twain) is so popular because it is so true. Statistics are so easily misused that their value is completely suspect." ~VicZinc

I have never seen any study or science related information that says one race is more violent than another

some even say that genetically
race is non existent

those statistics show no factors as to why those things occur

the two races listed in your link are also put in poverty much more than any others

it's well known that crime rates are higher in impoverished areas
regardless of race

and those stats are probably from one country and not global

profiling also leads to those who don't fit the profile to escape more easily

innocent black guy walks into store and is eyeballed while the other guy (the real criminal) escapes with a theft because they weren't paying attention to him


it promotes racism
it encourages the public to look down and AND BE MORE WARY of certain races

this causes tension, discrimination, and a lack of unity and upset with society

causing even more problems as a whole

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I didn't just come up with that

that's a correlation many people make when they look at statistics like that

who's being politically correct?
it's about fairness and justice

keeping an eye on the black guy allows the white guy to escape

it has happened before

yeah let's focus on the issues
profiling isn't helping

profiling allows those who do not fit the "profile" to more easily get away with the crime

"racial profiling is not needed to catch the real criminals"

"Assume a burglary has occurred in a particular part of town and there is no description of the criminal. However, crime statistics show that young black men are disproportionately represented among convicted burglars. It may indeed be reasonable to guess that the perpetrator is a young black man. But do those facts make the detention and search of all young black men reasonable? Does being young, male, and black in these circumstances constitute probable cause? I don’t see how those questions can be answered in the affirmative. And if they are answered affirmatively, what case is there against the state’s preventing certain people from committing crimes in the first place?"


and it has a lot of destructive consequences
such as a waste of resources and unjust hardships on people


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the reason I think more blacks are in prison is because blacks are still stigmatized today

if they do something criminal
it's more noticeable to people
because people (even subconsciously) have that stereotype in there head

in this what would you do? video
they do an experiment to see if people will do anything about a theft

there's a black guy, white guy, and white girl

people reported the black guy for theft much more often than they reported the latter (the white guy or girl)
even if all three attempted to steal

skip to 4 minutes if you don't wanna see the whole thing
YouTube video thumbnail

other reasons include poverty

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"In the UK black people on average use less drugs than white people, but are 6 times more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs." And they say equality has been reached while saying racial profiling is a-okay. How contradictory can you get?


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