First of all, does anybody think that islam is a root for terrorism? If so, you are completely wrong. I'm a christian, but I am very interested in other religions, and try to have a broad aspect of everything. Therefore I have read the Quran, which is actually very similar to the bible. If anyone feels discomforted by hearing about a muslim, there are a few things you should know: 1. They are just like us! I mean, common. All people are people, and they are no different from us. 2. Yes, sure there are some terrorist, but not all terrorist are muslim. Terrorists are crazy people, it doesn't matter how they build up a "reason" for their attack, if a terrorist drinks applejuice before his attack, you don't assume that applejuice is dangerous. In the same way you would be wrong to assume that the Quran has any more effect than the applejuice.

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Second of all...?

You should have just went with, "Islam is not the root of terrorism, amirite?"

So what are your opinions?

Site to post opinions, if you wanna rant, send a muslim a message then send a terrorist message... and drink apple juice.

Do we have terrorists? wary smilie

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