It would probably be a good idea for mankind to prepare for more severe forces of mother nature by building stronger structures to live in, amirite?

I'm not criticizing any victim of a hurricane or tornado (notably of the most recent event in Idaho), but I sometimes question why people in Kansas, on coastlines, or other severe weather prone areas don't put more emphasis on the design of structures that can withstand very strong storms. Whether we're responsible for this increase of severe weather is irrelevant. The fact is that it appears to be changing and humanity must do what humanity does best--adapt.

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I think Japan has built skyscrapers that can withstand the strongest of earthquakes. They are probably laughing at our list of priorities: trillions of dollars spent on war instead of on storm shelters for children that attend public schools in the Tornado Alley.

You also brought up a good point: I agree that humanity must adapt.

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