Women probably would have been just as terrible and oppressive as men had our species' sexual dimorphism been skewed in their favor, amirite?

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I agree. This gender, sex, man vs woman, feminist, superior vs inferior battle is very popular right now and it's starting to get annoying. I'm all for equality and everybody being treated fairly, however men and women are just simply different. Not drastically though. I don't get why people insist that EVERYBODY is the same. It's just not true. Men and women naturally compliment each other with their differences, and always will.

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We simply have no way of answering this question other than through pure speculation.

There are gender differences which is why men (in general) have different musculature, act more aggressively in combative situations, and typically out perform women in feats requiring physical strength and stamina.

Women however out perform men in other areas such as social bonding, pain endurance, and tolerance for change.

My speculation is therefore "no". If humans has evolved in a matriarchal society the leaders (women) would not have use aggression to settle disputes but rather they would have used diplomacy. The men might have thought this was "terrible and oppressive" but the general trend would have been away from conquest and toward assimilation.

@VicZinc We simply have no way of answering this question other than through pure speculation. There are gender...

My conjecture is that we evolved to be a patriarchal society because men are physically stronger. What I am speculating is that humanity would have been a matriarchy if women had been the stronger and more aggressive sex.

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@Mike_Hawk My conjecture is that we evolved to be a patriarchal society because men are physically stronger. What I am...

Oh. Well than that is even harder to predict.

So if men where men except they had vagina and were called "women"; and women were women except they had penises and were called "men" :: then the the aggressive child-baring "women" (really men with vaginae) would still be the rulers and nothing would change...


if women were testosterone fueled megalomaniacs and men were estrogen pumped sensitive nurturers then the testosterone driven women would act like men... you got me, probably.

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My point is I think we should do away with referring to them as "msaculine" traits. The oppressiveness isn't inherently a trait of men like people seem to think it is, it's a trait inherent of the physically superior being. More radical feminists treat men like we're animals because we've been in charge for almost all of history. I'd wager we were only in charge because we won some prehistoric power struggle due to being stronger. We can't demonize men in that regard, because women probably would have been just as bad had they established dominance.

The overall message is that gender equality needs to work both ways. This was somewhat sparked some Tumblr posts I saw. One was a video of a guy part of a channel that was dedicated to proving confidence is all that is needed to pick up women. In this particular video, he would walk up to random women and start giving them a shoulder massage and ask for their number. Everyone was verbally eviscerating the guy, calling him sexist, and comparing him to a rapist. Another post was floating around in which a woman ran onto a baseball field and touched the butts of two male baseball players. Everyone thought it was adorable and it was their "favorite post on Tumblr". It really bugged me because the whole empowering of women has not quite made them equal. It has simply given them superiority in some fields. Females have virtual impunity when it comes to sexual harassment, and females are seen as an innocent, victimized group when the only thing preventing them from being as barbaric as males is the lack of physical strength.

I firmly believe in equality. Not the bullshit pseudo-equality that seems to be going around.

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hehe, his name's Mike Hawk, say it 5 times fast...

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