Do You Think You Are Living Up To Your Abilities ?

I know that most of the time I could do more than I am presently doing and my excuses like most peoples are lack of money, lack of time, or just not worth the effort.

I know I have many abilities and my capacity to learn new abilities is there just as it is for most people. Yet I still often choose the easy path and avoid putting pressure on myself to expand my abilities or use them to full potential.

So my question is are you living up to your abilities and if not what would your life look like if you were ?

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I think the lack of comments on this is very telling. We can assume that most people would answer "no" and they just don't want to face it. I acknowledge that I'm not living up to my abilities. I could be earning a 4.0 GPA, running clubs at school, and setting myself up to get scholarships to a great college. But because of how much I despise the school system, I don't. I do as little as possible and skate by with As and Bs. Granted, I'm still doing better than the average student, but if I applied myself I could be one of those kids getting a full ride to Dartmouth and going on to become a successful insert difficult career. But instead I'm going to half-ass everything.

Absolutely not

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