When is it right for a girl to have an abortion?

Most African people frown upon the very thought of abortion, but sometimes it is the only viable option. I recently heard a story from the 1994 Rwandan Genocide about a young woman of 20 who was reaped by a gang of 5 Hutu militia men. They forced her family to watch and then forced her to watch as they executed all her 7 family. Her baby brother of 2 was killed with multiple blows to the head with a crude wooden club. She conceived.....a handsome young man of 18 lives alone with his Mum. They keep to themselves mostly because the family of the boy is not known and that of the mother cant stand the boy. Now they judge her silently, no words just indifference and some form of malevolence, at every family gathering the two attend. The mother sometimes cries silently and hates God for prolonging her nightmare of persecution..sometimes she wonders if she is being punished for being stubborn. No man will marry her, so she has reconciled herself to living alone. Shut away from society and without the comfort of family..she has only her dear son who reminds her of so much pain she weeps all the time. The boy fears to ask his mother why he causes her so much pain..