What is the biggest achievement you have achieved?

Everyone must have a goal in life. Thus, in order to achieve your goal you have to give your best effort,let alone make it come true. So, tell me what your biggest achievement is?

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I have the lowest attendance rate of any passing student in my high school. Perhaps not my greatest achievement but definitely my favourite.

Joining the navy. Can't leave for boot camp til February, but still.

My biggest achievement was writing, finishing, and actually handing in this essay for one of my classes. It wasn't that great but it was the best thing I'd ever done at school.

graduating high school... haha that's pathetic

My biggest achievement was when one of my poems got accepted to be in a book. I entered an online poetry contest, and I guess my poem was good enough to be accepted.

Someone liking my post on facebook

Watching the whole series of House.

lick myself

I don't know. Recently, it would be the Outstanding Musicianship award I received at my school.

Honorable Mention in middle school soccer goo smilie

Being one of the few people of my generation to not use the terms "Yolo" and "Swag" liberally. Surely that's worthy of some merit?

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