Is making new music/sounds possible?

Image for post Is making new music/sounds possible?
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Yes. I make new sounds when I eat Asian Food.

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I don't think originality is quite dead yet. There are new genres of music being spawned all the time. You may not like them, but that does not invalidate them as music. Death Metal is a relatively new and evolving genre, having been formed in the late 70s and early 80s. Some of it is arguably similar to classical music (which some artists draw from), but I'd say it's different enough to be called original.


What about Jake Bugg?

He came out last year, and he's being considered the Justin Bieber for ugly girls by haters already.

His song was even on a Gatorade commercial.

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He has good music, though.

It's better than the crap most kids listen to.

I think songs about love are more unoriginal, if anything. He doesn't really sing love songs, or songs about breaking up or anything so...

@video doesn't exist..

Oh, it does on mine. Either way, it was just a vsauce video called "We will run out of new music?"

I think so. Think 'boom boom pow' a couple of years back.

Check out an artist named kishi bashi. His stuff sounds familiar, and yet original for some reason. Also he creates amazing music regardless so everyone should check him out

Twenty one pilots

yes, its almost impossible to run out

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