How effective is social media activism (and "slacktivism") in the world today?

"Slacktivism" and "clicktivism" have been used as criticisms to social media activism. The so-called slacker activism theorizes that people on social media platforms only participate in feel-good clicking (they may like something, but have little care for it later), which doesn't cause real change and action in the world. I keep thinking about KONY 2012 and what may happen to the movement this year (will it be a success?).

So then, how effective is social media activism, if at all? Are people who use social media platforms more likely to cause change than those who do not? How should activism campaigns be designed? How can they be more effective in creating change?

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Ineffective. If you want to actually protest something, you have to inconvenience yourself. You can't just click a few buttons to "raise awareness" and let someone else deal with it.

The key problem behind social media activism is that there's so much out there that people have practically developed ADD. By the time they share one big cause, the next one comes along a week later. Another problem is that people rarely do any backup research or let time play out to see what the real issue is. Instead, they read a few words on an info pic and share away with little or no thought simply because they were told to. Kinda pathetic if you ask me.

Kony 2012 is a perfect example. People remember it because it was this outrageous fad but do they still give a shit about catching the guy? Of course not. Are they still posting crap about him? No. It lasted for all of maybe two weeks and was dead.

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Yeah, forgot to mention that.

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