Four gentlemen (Adam, Bill, Chuck, and Dan) went to an expensive restaurant to dine. They checked their coats, hats, gloves, and canes at the door (each of the gentlemen had one of each). But when they checked out, there was a mix up, and each of the men ended up with exactly one article of clothing (a pair of gloves is considered a single article of clothing) belonging to each one of the four. Adam and Bill ended up with their own coats, Chuck ended up with his own hat, and Dan ended up with his own gloves. Adam did not end up with Chuck's cane. State whose coat, hat, gloves, and cane each of the gentlemen ended up with.

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Adam had his own coat, Bill's hat, Chuck's gloves and Dan's cane.
Bill had Adam's gloves, his own coat, Chuck's cane and Dan's hat.
Chuck has Adam's cane, Bill's gloves, his own hat and Dan's coat.
Dan had Adam's hat, Bill's cane, Chuck's coat and his own gloves.

Their own, because they probably realized the mix up fairly quickly and returned the articles to the owners.


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