A card-shuffling machine always rearranges cards in the same way relative to the original order of the cards. All of the hearts, arranged in order from ace to king, were put into the machine. The cards were shuffled and then put into the machine again. After this second shuffling, the cards were in the following order: 10, 9, Q, 8, K, 3, 4, A, 5, J, 6, 2, 7. What order were the cards in after the first shuffle?

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9, A, 4, Q, J, 7, 3, 2, 10, 5, K, 8, 6...take the first card and move it to the 2nd, take the 9th card and move it to the first, move the 10th card to the 9th, move the 5th card to the 10th, etc as necessary.

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