Of three men, one always tells the truth, one always tells lies, and one answers "yes" or "no" randomly. Each man knows which one each of the others are. You may ask three yes/no questions, each of which may only be answered by one of the three men, after which you must be able to identify which man is which. How can you do it?

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Ask the first person:
"Is man 2 truthful?"
Ask the second person:
"What did the first person say?"
Ask the third person:
"Would man 2 definitely say you're truthful"

I'm not sure if it works; I'm much to lazy to test out whether it works, and I don't have enough concentration to go through the logic, though I've tried to for the past 15 minutes.

First Man:
Do you all tell the truth?

Second Man:
Do you all tell lies?

Third Man:
Are bees black and yellow?

Yep, that's what I got.

By asking at noon what time is it...amirite?

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