The riots in Turkey are an example of why the right to bear arms is still relevant, amirite?

Many people seem to hold the opinion that owning firearms with the intent of keeping the Government in line is obsolete. Meanwhile, there are riots in Turkey in which citizens are getting smashed with water cannons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, tear gas, and being run over by armored police vehicles. Turkey isn't some disorganized third-world country, it is similar to the United States in many respects. Is it so wild to think that what is happening there RIGHT NOW could possibly happen here?

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Turkey is run by a man trying to take democracy away from it's people.
America is run by a man that wants to give people free healthcare.

I've never understood how so many Americans have an almost militant fear of their government somehow overruling US citizens to the point of some sort of mass violent oppression, a fear strong enough that it makes so many Americans fight for the right to bear arms. It's a totally barbaric reason.

Turkey is similar to the US in regards to the fact their their people all want to live in a democracy, but when comparing governments they are two completely different sides of a coin.

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@Turkey is run by a man trying to take democracy away from it's people. America is run by a man that wants to give...

There's no such thing as free healthcare. It all costs money and that money has to come from somewhere. The only effects I've seen are employers drastically cutting the hours of their employees because they don't want to pay for their health insurance. Obama is also the guy who won't promise not to use drone strikes on American citizens. And though it didn't start under his administration, Operation Fast and Furious continued to happen after he took office.

Maybe because that's what the entire country was built on? Maybe because Government officials and the police have shown the capacity to be totally corrupt pieces of shit? Considering how many civilians our military is murdering overseas, why would we think they care about us for a second? It doesn't hurt to have a safe-guard, and it's downright naive to live in a fantasy world where you are under the impression that the Government would never do anything to hurt you.

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