It's good to add a physical element to flirting (light touching)

Basically if a man and a woman are flirting and having fun, it's ok to touch the other in a non-sexual way such as a touch on the arm or leg. Even if it get's more sexual it's good, as long as the other is into it. When is it considered harassment? How long should you know someone before? - discuss

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well one of the ways to know if it's harassment is when the person is spooked

a spooked face isn't all that subtle
at least I don't think so

it's pretty noticeable

for example
Image in content

Please touch this...

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are you serious? no one is gonna know you're interested unless you show them. we're not mind readers.

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"Ugh, Jason just felt my breast out of nowhere!"

"Oh, he was only flirting."

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