We should give back 80% of America to the native Americans, and move the rest of the "Americans" to a small patch of land. And they should never be allowed to return to "Native America" even though their ancestors have lived there for centuries, but if some random guy from another country converts to native American he automatically gains citizenship

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Yes, but Native Americans have been persecuted for years. They need a Native American state that can defend the rights of all Native Americans. I'm sure it won't piss off the average American to have their land forcibly taken from them.

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There not enough of the type of native Americans you speak of to cover 80% of the land.

Also I was born in America, so wouldn't that make me native?

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@BuddyCakes There not enough of the type of native Americans you speak of to cover 80% of the land. Also I was born in...

Well that's why I included the part about converts. So you don't need to be ethnically native American. Some Australian dude could convert to the native American philosophies and he'd be given land in America. That way there'd be a lot more "native Americans" living there. Even if you have a little native American ancestry you could stay. But for the Americans without native American ancestry, tough shit. You gotta leave. It's only fair.

Yes and no. Technically yes, but by your race, no. You could have a 10th generation lion born in an American zoo, it doesn't mean lions are native to America. Caucasians are native to Europe.

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America is now strong enough to attack and destroy whoever your "we" is.

I see what you did there!

I think I get what your're saying. This is supposed to be a parallel to Israel and Jewish people, right? If not, then please, disregard this comment.

But if we were to actually give the Native American's back their land, They should get all of it. Not just 80% And not just the US either. Canada and Mexico, and the Caribbean and Central America too.

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I don't think everybody learns by walking in others shoes. Some people are just so selfish and without empathy or honor that they will lie, cheat and steal to gain power and riches, so that they can then lie, cheat and steal to get more rich and powerful. They dont care who they hurt or how bad, they serve themselves in everything they do. So even though they are mostly very fond of vengeance, revenge gotten on them only makes them more rotten, with self pity and anger. I think a solution would involve getting the masses to educate themselves, start really giving a shit, and removing those people from power.

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