Is it the lyrics or the instrumentals that make a song meaningful? Tell me why!

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The lyrics. I care more about what's in the lyrics than the beat, because if there's something I don't like or support in the lyrics, then I don't want to be singing it. The lyrics is what tells the story.

For instance, I'll listen to a song that says, "I've been out here in these streets and I done learned that sex ain't better than love." but not to a song that says, "I wish I could f*** every girl in the world."

See my point? Some songs to me are just meaningless pieces of crap.

lyrics of course, sometimes I even just listen to acapellas.

I think it's both. When it's an instrumental piece, of course it's the instruments, but otherwise the lyrics and the instrumentals (harmonies, timbre, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, etc.) work together. Although there are times when the lyrics don't really add much meaning and they become an instrument of their own. As someone who has been completely immersed in music theory over the past year, I would have to say I usually find the meaning in the instrumentals.

Because OP was dying to share her own opinion, she will share it.

Truth be told, I think it depends on the song. For example, there are a lot of powerful songs with strong lyrics and simple instrumentals. But instrumentals emphasize things by mind, rather than listening.

Let's say an original song is smooth and steady, with a melancholy beat. Someone does a cover of that song in a faster tempo, with more of a 'pop-beat' to it. The lyrics are exactly the same, the emphasis are exactly the same, and the message is exactly the same. So why would people rather choose the original song? Because it's smooth and smooth music is normally considered 'real music' rather than pop.

Now let's use the same instrumentals but change the lyrics. People will still choose the smoother and softer song. People really just tend to like calmer songs because it sets a calm feeling in them.

So I honestly think that in some cases, lyrics are far more successful in conveying emotion than instrumental and vice-versa. Though, when you think think about, lyrics are poetry and poetry is honestly a very captivating sense... to some. Whatever, I did say it depends on the song. Hope I made some sense to any of you...

the sound and music of a song is what catches me and draws me in, not particularly the lyrics. however well thought lyrics is just an essential part of a great song. it all depends on how the individual thinks. a lot of people call music poetry, but it's different. take the music out of a song and you got a piece of poetry. the music is a separate yet complimentary attribute to what we call a song.

A must read: This Is Your Brain On Music by Daniel Levitin. It was a mandatory book for a music course I took in university.

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