You shouldn't act like your a friend to someone if you talk bad about them behind their backs

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or better yet
don't talk bad about them behind their backs period

if someone has a problem and needs advice
simply don't use the person's name

say Person A
or say you're gonna call them this or that to avoid that kinda stuff

when someone tries to gossip to me
I literally wanna run away
it makes me physically ill

and from a religious standpoint
it's akin to eating their flesh (backbiting)

but that's not the best solution (running away like I want to)
I think two things can be done
either change the topic
or defend the person being talked about

and who knows?
this person is saying nasty things to you
they might say things about you to someone else just as easily

Yes, I mean if they spread rumors or talk nasty about you.

Well, not really... I'd say it depends what they're saying. Everyone has talked behind their friends back at least once (me included) and that's not going to mean they dislike that friend or are using them for whatever reason. You have to admit, you can hate a lot of things about your friend and still love them. But I guess if someone's going to spread rumours around or something, then yes, I understand.

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