I have a question...has anyone here watched the show Smallville? I never watched it, but have recently started watching on TNT. I saw an episode today that I found utterly disturbing and would just like to hear other opinions... In this episode Lois Lane was beaten, almost raped and nearly killed by 'Super-boy' Conner and yet the writers of this...[Show All] show never mentioned whast happened to her and actually (I swear it) had her apologize for getting into trouble. Does anyone, but me find that completely disgusting? Please give an opinion, because this is really bothering me. TV shows should not be so irresponsible to brush off a situation like that--I don't care if it is fantasy and Clark Kent is Superman. Thanks for reading... [Show Less]

I know this may seem silly to some, but I really think TV and movie writers and producers should be more responsible when showing material like what I saw today. Basically, it was a victim of a brutal attack apologizing for being attacked and what was worseis this is a show that is supposed to be about Superman or Clark Kentwhatever. He's supposed to be a good guy. It was disgusting. The episode is called Scion and it is in the final season of the series. I am so disgusted I cannot watch this show anymore.

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I used to watch it when I was little on WB
but I didn't get that far after the merger

I tried to find the scene you're talking about
but I only found the clip where Louis first meets Connor
and he shoots fire though his eyes

While I have never seen it , what you describe is disturbing and if I did see that I would stop watching and would boycott the sponsors.

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