Are you struggling? Be honest. I don't judge. By struggling, I mean with yourself, with someone else like family, a significant other, or friends. Depression? Addicts? Anything YOU consider struggling.

I just want to get some answers. I honestly don't know if the names show up on what you answered. If they do, I might message you. You don't have to respond if you don't want to. I also am doing a video soon and the answers from this will effect the outcome of the video greatly.

14% I am but I don't want help. 21% I am. I want help, but I don't know what to do first. 18% I'm not. 4% You're an idiot if you think you can help people. 7% I am. I'm currently getting help, but it's not working. 3% I'm not, but I think this is a good idea. 2% I'm not ANYMORE. I got help. It worked. 3% I'm not because I fixed all my problems myself. 11% I am. I don't think any help will work, though. 8% I don't know. 9% Other
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the way I see it
everyone is struggling in some way, shape, or form

I am...and have been for a lot of years. It's really hard to find the right "therapist" and doctors really aren't therapists anymore. There are no "happy" pills. I think the best remedy for depression is a support system that someone can count on for encouragement and emotional support.

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