If you were the one who made first contact with an alien ambassador, what would you ask and how would you describe the Human race?

Context and normal references would not be effective in communicating with an alien so assume the alien has a translator

Image for post If you were the one who made first contact with an alien ambassador, what would you ask and how would you describe the Human race?
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do you subscribe to a religion?

we're kind and cruel
so be trusting of us
but don't be naïve

it could go either way

Well I'd definitely ask if Aliens exist on planets other than his/her's, how development started on his/her planet, what the planet is called, how far away is it, and to assume this Alien looks similar to the stereotypes.. what are their body parts and how do the function.

As for describing the human race... I'd just talk about the technology and creationism or something... Also about the different languages and countries, and Humans are animals... Because, well, why not?

How long was your kind around before they discovered life on other planets/ traveled to them?
What did the growth of technology look like?
Do you have religion/What are your fundamental beliefs?
What does your solar system look like?
Is your physics like our physics?
What is your life span?
How long does it take to get to adult hood?
What did the evolution are your species look like?
Plants and animals on your planet?
How does your body work?
What are the physical/mental health problems some of your kind suffer?
How do you treat them?

We're born and fed from our mother's body for about a year and then begin to learn to walk and eat their own food- we call that being an infant or baby. During the time a child is perfecting walking and talking, they are called toddlers. Then, they start to learn other things like how to do things for themselves, to read, to count, we call that being a child. Then they begin their transitional phase into being an adult, which we call being a teenager. We send our kids to school after 5 years. They finish between 18-mid twenties. The finally, adult hood is reached physiologically at 25 but legally at 18. The average life span is 83 years old.

We are very influenced by our culture, societal norms, etc. But are capable of being our own, unique person despite that.

We are fundamentally selfish, but we feel empathy and want to do good things- even if the only reason we do those good things are for fundamentally selfish reasons, that doesn't mean they mean any less.

We are prone to liking the exact opposite of what we have and what we should want on an individual and cultural scale. Ex: We want unhealthy food and the forbidden fruit. Societally: When being very very thin was more common, people thought being big was more beautiful. Now there's an obesity epidemic and very thin is what's commonly thought to be more beautiful. But a lot of us like what's good for us, and a lot of us like different things than the average person of society would like.

There is a lot of variety between different individual people and different cultures. We are very contradictory, often hypocritical.

What's considered a functioning member of society is someone with some kind of job where someone pays them, they pay taxes that go toward helping paying for needed things for everyone, and they need the left over money to get their food, water, shelter, various technologies, entertainment, fines, etc.

I would ask about their technologies, society, medical knowledg, and various questions about their way of life. I would describe the human race by saying that we live on planet earth, and their are approximately 7 billion people on earth. I would say that we have many different places with many different cultures, and that we have mountains and oceans and deserts and jungles and icy tundras and volcanoes. if these aliens were not human, I would somewhat describe the human body I guess, depending on how different/alike their bodies are. I would say that we are a very caring people, and that we don't want to harm them, and that we want peaceful relations with their people. I would also mention that we have other life forms that are less intelligent than us (animals) and try and briefly explain religion, without being too specific to any religion. I would also ask them if they knew about other planets with life, I would ask how they traveled here, I would ask about their diet, their lifestyle, their currency, what they do for entertainment, sports, family life, communication, history, arts, music, language, etc. I would want to know everything, from what they eat for breakfast to what they know about the universe. It would be quite the conversation.

Whats your point in life?

There are too many potential questions we could ask, and nothing in the initial post to narrow the scope.
Are they humanoïd ? Would they at least be able to understand the way we think ?

Anyways, I know it doesn't answer the question, but an encounter with another kind isn't likely to consist in pacific chitchat. Remember the time we discovered a whole new world, like 6 centuries ago ? We've become much more tolerant since then, but they were humans just like us, not aliens.

Of course I imagine most people would not be hostile to them, but we could expect tensions to arise for many reasons.

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