Blame the Chinese or Hate the Indians?

The real motive of this post is to express a different view to the use of energy. Till date we measure the use of energy that is locally consumed. For an example, if you are using a computer to post a comment, the energy that is used by this computer is measured by US as energy consumed in the country. But the energy that is required to manufacture the computer, international transport, packaging ( also remind you, all the small small spare parts travelling from one country to the other just before it's ready for assembly) is not counted as energy consumed in US because all this energy was burnt in many developing countries.

Now when we talk about CO2 emissions, US will measure the CO2 emissions and its responsibility towards the environment based on energy consumed by the use of computer, not based on the whole chain of manufacturing, etc.

Developing nations are now held responsible for controlling its CO2 emissions at the cost of its growth, citing reasons that they need to play a responsible role in the world. But developed nations forget that just using renewable energy in their country will not solve the emission problem. They need to also invest in developing nations and NOT just encourage to use renewable energy or stop using computer for example to contribute to this world.

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