America's President is about to sit down and have "negotiation" and "peace treaty" talks with the Taliban. This is the same group that has no problem chopping heads off children or enemies. We can not expect "peace" or "agreements" with/from such people. Amirite?

We are also considering trading 1 American soldier that the Taliban has, for 5 terrorist soldiers being held at Guantanamo Bay. America has long had a policy of NEVER negotiating with terrorists, and history proves that these people can not be trusted, believed, or expected to hold up their end of any bargain that may be reached.

TALIBAN BEHEAD BOY, 10, & FRIEND, 16, AFTER CATCHING THEM SCAVENGING FOOD FOR THEIR FAMILIES | PatriotsBillboardhttp://patriotsbillboard.org/taliban-hehead-boy-10-and-his-friend-16-for-spying-after-catching-them-scavenging-for-food-for-their-familes/
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