It's good that illegal immigrants get in-state college tuition rates when attending any college in the US while American students have to pay out-of-state tuition rates if they leave the geopolitical boundaries of their home state, amirite?

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Oh, hey. Look who it is. The unidentifiable coward who takes cheap pot shots at everyone else to feel better about themselves. Since you refuse to be known to those you post about or to, your stupid little labels mean absolutely nothing.

I am guessing you were being sarcastic or facetious with this post. If it were not a true statement, it would almost be laughable. I just heard on the news 2 days ago that Loyola Univ. will now allow undocumented immigrants to apply for and attend there - and many will receive FREE tuition. This is unprecedented and a clear SLAP in the face of people who were born and raised here, and played by the rules all of their lives. Our government seems to reward those who are illegal and treat them with more dignity and respect than actual full blown citizens. And the illegals all know it and the word is out in the streets. The new Immigration Bill being considered for vote will only put another band-aid on a problem that has existed for years. I live in an area very close to the border of Mexico, and the discrimination against white people down here is blatant and unbelievable. Spanish is THE spoken language out in public, Spanish music is THE choice of music over any other in all public settings, and if you are NOT bi-lingual (which I am not), you are eliminated from applying for at least 95% of all jobs listed. The job listings actually specify "MUST BE BI-LINGUAL" to apply. I did not even know that was legal or possible in my country, but down here they get by with it. There is no border war because our government has made it perfectly clear that they have no intentions of closing it. And this will be one of the greatest mistakes our government has ever made.

Oh, hey. Look who it is. Mr. Passive-Aggressive Conservative Poster.

It's been a while.

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