"A friend to all, is a friend to none" applies to almost every politician, huh?

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I don't hate politicians, nor did I say I hated politicians. Because I don't. I was saying how some (Because I didn't say all) politicians seem to always try to please people, which cause them to appear dishonest.

If you read the post correctly, you would notice I said 'almost every politician'. If I were to disrupt the process of politics, I would go to congress and confront every politician who doesn't know what they are talking about, or who I believe do not know. Making a post does nothing.

I was never complaining in the first place, I was making a statement. That statement being, not many politicians are doing what's right for the country, but instead trying to please everyone.

IF ANYTHING, I was the one saying the exact same things to others, who complained about Obama. And frankly, I'm finding it ridiculous how someone is using my same argument on my own post, especially since I'm being accused of hating politicians.

Just to be fair - THEY ARE DISHONEST! And there is nothing wrong with saying it or bashing them. They are public servants and entrusted to represent WE THE PEOPLE. And just like any other employee on a 9 - 5 job who lies, steals, cheats, or deliberately hurts the "company" or "employer," these politicians should be accountable. If we lie or steal from our employer, we generally lose our jobs. Politicians get promoted or moved to other assignments. We are currently learning through the at least 5 present scandals that have been opened up, that our government is in fact CORRUPT! I wish, Muddy, that our system WORKED, and that going through the "proper" channels would accomplish said objective. BUT the corruption is from top down, so it is pretty much a losing venture.
Our government needs a complete overhaul - not a minor tune up. Our politicians have NOT been playing by the same rules they expect and demand that WE THE PEOPLE play by. And that can ONLY create distrust and animosity. When we learn through our media (and we never get the FULL or WHOLE story) that they have deliberately and willfully covered things up, done things in the wee hours of the morning, misspent our hard earned tax dollars - you can be damn straight that we are mad and furious.
And have you ever seriously tried to call a politician and reach them in person? You call their offices and get some untrained secretary who will sit and argue with you about why you called and even hang up! Change is needed, but the channels meant to seek change are plugged and damned up. The laws have been written to protect and allow the politicians to get completely off the hook or lighter sentences than a regular citizen. They have created a class warfare, and it totally sucks.
Our current President promised to be THE MOST TRANSPARENT PRESIDENT IN HISTORY. Those words sound great, but in reality, he has sealed more documents and held more secretive meetings than any President. He uses the Executive Privilege each and every time he refuses to disclose much needed information to clear up an issue. And he has surrounded himself with a group of loyal followers and co-workers who will do his bidding at any cost.
Our Attorney General (Eric Holder) is corrupt and our White House Press Secretary (Jay Carney) is corrupt. There are ongoing hearings being held regarding Benghazi, IRS, NSA - and those asking the questions can not get straight answers or the truth. It is an outrage and atrocity that this is what our government has come to. It IS NOT a wonderful thing or process when those in charge can tyrannically thwart and squash those they are supposed to be serving and working FOR!

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