If drinking and driving is illegal, why do bars have parking lots?

All over the world its strictly ordered not to drive your vehicle when you are drunk,but all Bars do have their own private parking lots ...why so..?

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The people who work there need to park.

This is the dumbest question I've ever heard. If you can't logically pick apart the reasons why a bar would have parking lot, then.. well... I don't even have an insult for that. Let me help brainstorm by offering a few reasons why bars have parking lots (which btw, not all bars have parking lots):

For one, people don't always leave bars drunk, tipsy, or even buzzed. It's possible for some people to have an alcoholic beverage and be perfectly capable of operating a vehicle, you know. Not everyone turns into a stumbling moron with a speech impediment after they have one beer. Over time, the effects of alcohol wear off. So it's possible for a person to go into a bar, get buzzed, have a good time, eat some peanuts or crackers, drink some water, sober up, and drive home.

Secondly, as people mentioned above, people work at the bars need a place to park. And designated drivers and whatnot.

People who intend on getting shitfaced-wasted also need a place to park. It doesn't mean they intend on driving home just because they drove there. Most of the time, I drive to the bar and walk or take a taxi home. Granted, the parking lot of a bar might not be the safest place to leave a car, but it's a place to put it.

Other miscellaneous reasons:
-The band needs a place to put their van.
-Gotta have someplace for patrons to smoke since most cities are now smoke free in all public buildings.
-Creates employment for the guy who has to clean up all the empty beer bottles the next day.
-Parking lots leave the option for outdoor events to happen when the bar doesn't otherwise have the space to do it.

I simply can't understand how it's hard for anyone to comprehend this. This reminds me of one of those stupid questions like, "can you cry under water?" or "why does a round pizza come in a square box?" If people just sit and think for two minutes, maybe they could find some answers.

For the designated drivers OR you wait until the bartender says you're ok to drive. (NOT from personal experience, as I am under 21.)

It's required by law for public places such as a store or a bar to have parking lots suitable for that store. It's just the law. There's a thing called google, you know.

For designated drivers? or for those who drink only one drink notice they don't usually have LARGE parking lots

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