Should US laws have expiration dates?

There are a number of laws that are passed in this country and that over time with the change of issues importance become less relevant or irrelevant yet remain on the books unless actively repealed. Would it be better to have laws automatically be reviewed every 10 or 20 or even 50 years? Should the sitting congress not renew them, or the sitting president not sign them then they would no longer be in effect. What laws would be exempted from this if any? What laws would you wish to see with such a expiration date? Why? Why do you not like / like this idea?

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-No that would back up the system like crazy.
-If they didn't reinstate it in time, people could do illegal legal things until it passed.
-They can always amend them now.

That's an interesting idea, good way to keep laws relevant. Although one can argue that laws that become irrelevant just stop being enforced. I'd say go for it if it could be done efficiently, but not if it would take time away from more important decisions

Depends what the law is.

Not necessarily.

Depends on the law.

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