Am I as ugly as I think? I know I'm ugly,I'm not cute, different looking, pretty in the right light. I'm strait up ugly! I have droopy ugly eyes, big nose,mannish face.I've been yelled at in the street, told to kill my self as no one could ever love me. I'm a good person but no one sees this. I have Turner syndrome and people treat me like I'm stupid and slow. In school I was asked out as a joke all the time, had food thrown at me, had a web page made about how ugly I was. I know I look better then I did then but I'm still ugly and I can't fix that. Every time I feel sorta good about myself a get a shitty comment or a kid pointing and asking "what's wrong with her?" While being shushed by an embarrassed mom. I'm unfixable.. This is me so you can't say oh bet your not that ugly.

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17% Ugly 61% Not ugly 22% Other
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I know you!

I watched your video

don't pay attention to those people
we suck sometimes
but you got your family

you're smart

and who cares that those other people think so?
your husband thinks you're beautiful
and so does the rest of your family

and you look young for 29-30

that place is brutal for a lot of people

if you're shy
people think you're stuck-up or don't wanna talk to them
I know what that feels like

we just have messed up perceptions of each other in this world

in front of the camera
you're not shy at all

and like the comments I read for your video
I agree that you're a natural with the camera

and you also gave advice on that video
you gotta follow your own advice ma'am
especially if you wanna be a role model for other girls out there going through the same things

I also want to go back to another comment I made for another post you made
I still stand by what I said before

Regardless of how this turns out
I don't think you should base how you feel about your beauty off of the votes here
(not to imply that that's what you're planning on doing)

these votes are just votes
remember that beauty is subjective

a lot about beauty is psychological
it's easy to focus on the flaws
but it takes work to notice all the good stuff

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You're back.

You're not ugly! I'm sure your hubby doesn't either :P

Ugly is a word, an interpretation and societal construct. Aesthetics is a deeply personal and subjective value. So is rudeness.

If you think something is ugly, to you it is. You can change that because humans can control their own thoughts (absent mental disabilities)

If you think someone is rude, to you they are. You can change that because humans can control their own thoughts (absent mental disabilities)

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