It's a discrace and terrifying how seriously the police don't take their jobs sometimes. Amirite?

When I was 10, a guy followed me home and kept telling me to get in his car. The police let the media write a story that included my identity even though my mother had specified she did not want that. They did not even ask for his name. At 18, a few weeks ago, a man followed me an my friend for miles and once we got home he stood outside the window looking for us. Nothing happened- the police said we were being paranoid for trying to accuse him of being a predator. At 15, my mother broke a lamp over my face, the police did nothing except blame me and tell me it was punishment for mouthing off and that I deserved it. Later, she almost broke my thumb. Again, I was told it was my fault. The police are a joke to justice. They don't serve to protect, they serve to meet their quota in the easiest way possible- and if it seems to hard to prove, they ignore it.

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It really is a shame. Many police officers take advantage of their duty to protect, and sometimes I wonder how they got their jobs in the first place.

In the neighborhood I live in now, the kids are really bad. Especially the ones on my street. Some kids actually stole a car from one of the houses, yet the police did nothing except give a warning. That's bullcrap.

Another time, I was with my Grandmother, and one of the kids threw eggs at a house. Yet again, the police left off a warning.

I want to feel grateful for the few that do their job correctly, but it's just so, so hard.

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